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Then go to the grave to the left of the Mayor's house in Iliasville to awaken the ghost of the medal king. Horai, however trying to enter will just teleport you back to the beginning of the area. With her gone, the citizens of Grangold are free from her mind control. The monsters inside the cavern are the same from the San Ilia invasion. If you're having trouble recruiting or farming sukiyaki drops, feel free to abuse the healing circle for free heals. This fight is a marathon, not a sprint. As the experiment starts, the chaos energy reacts with the blood of Black Alice on Heinrich's sword, causing Black Alice after her defeat in the VN to appear.

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Makayla. Age: 20.
monster girl quest spider princess

Go to the spot where you recruited Mephisto to confront the final challenger.

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Georgia. Age: 24.
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Part 2 Walkthrough

Now that business has been taken care of, head northeast to Lady Village. Before she can dethrone Alra Priestess, Luka gets in her way. The Golem will then join your party. Refuse again and they'll cut the price in half.

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