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That means having a robust notice-and-takedown system that is adequately staffed by trained individuals who receive the pay and support needed for such a daunting and critically important task. We've done this by flagging it as an upload term, disabling certain search terms, blocking channels and searching and removing content manually. During our reporting, we repeatedly asked Pornhub what it was doing to contain and remove the Girls Do Porn videos on its website. Jane Doe 11 testified that she was devastated to see her video on many websites, including Pornhub, which described her in derogatory language and had more than 9 million views. After Vobile responds to a request confirming it has fingerprinted the video, the victim then has to flag the video to Pornhub by filling out a short form on the site. Victims are spending much more time than they ought, checking for their own videos. In addition to the 30 second video described above, we successfully uploaded videos by cutting them together with stock footage, removing the sound, and using video of the same episode from different sources of varying quality and with different watermarks.

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Meredith. Age: 24.
pornhub step brother

On February 3, Hawkins told us that "as far as I'm aware, they're aren't any [Girls Do Porn videos] currently on the site.

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Madison. Age: 20.
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For almost all of these women, the only porn video of them that exists online is the one they shot for Girls Do Porn. Pornhub's current method for removing Girls Do Porn videos and other forms of non-consensual porn not only puts the onus of finding and flagging videos almost entirely on potentially-traumatized victims—those victims can't even rely on the system to work. On the contrary: since Girls Do Porn videos generate millions of views, and since Pornhub displays ads next to those videos, we know that these instances of abuse are profitable. During this time, it also would have been easy to find via Pornhub's search or tagging system if we labeled the video clearly as a Girls Do Porn video.

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