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rocket power full length episodes
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The kids think nothing of accidentally destroying Violet's flower garden with their go-cart, until Merv explains that they've ruined her chances of taking First Prize. However, they try to keep Lars and his gang out. When Sam is forced into being on Safety Patrol, he becomes abusive in his new position of power. The kids cause Merv Stimpleton to sprain his arm and end up getting all forms of skating banned from the boardwalk. There is a bigger problem with the trash that they must solve however.

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Brynlee. Age: 22.
rocket power full length episodes

The Blader Bowl debuts at Madtown Skatepark with a news crew capturing video of the locals.

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Halle. Age: 25.
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Everyone takes Tito for granted, until his strange behavior calls attention to the fact that he's homesick. He soon finds a sympathetic friend in Sam, who introduces him to the gang. This section needs a plot summary.

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