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There are some minor differences, but overall I did have pretty realistic expectations. Up until the camera came on and we were actually having sex, I had to talk myself out of throwing in the towel. I would never consider doing that, ever. It also helped that my husband and I have had friends who were in the adult industry and who gave us advice prior to moving out here. Yeah, my first shoot ever in the industry, once I was signed by an agent, was the first week of February for Reality Kings. What do you consider to be your greatest physical attribute? And have they been realized?

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Alma. Age: 26.
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I could move to San Francisco and be in porn.

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Cordelia. Age: 32.
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We did have a good break where I took my shoes off and stuff, but I mean I was wearing them for several hours. What do you consider to be your greatest physical attribute? The first thing I did after choosing my stage name was to create a Twitter account. The difficulties that I face on most sets are all very similar.

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