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gyno fetish video
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The most serious enthusiasts invest in examination chairs, which can be bought from legit medical supply websites and cost thousands of dollars. I joined a forum where enthusiasts discuss everything about the fetish, including recommendations for equipment, favourite videos and practical concerns such as stirrup positioning. Photo courtesy of MedicalToys. Could this, in turn, encourage the fetishization of our bodies in an old fashioned and unhealthy way? She estimates that about 5 percent of her callers were interested in it, and disagrees with my theory that the kink might be misogynist.

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Kristina. Age: 30.
gyno fetish video

Gyno-fetishists like to play out the roles of a gynaecologist and patient, performing fake exams using real medical equipment.

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Iliana. Age: 22.
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Melissa explained how gynaecological fetishism can, and does, empower women sexually. The kink scene and its online communities have created an openness about sex, and are changing the way we think and talk about sex and fetishes for the better. Photo courtesy of MedFetUK.

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