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I do not purport to explain FEMEN activists' motivation to bare their breasts, but I think it is clear why it is easy for them to do so and why this form of protest is not really achieving much, at least in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, both sides have quite debilitating stereotypes of one another. Thus, communists gave women a chance to get educated and join the workforce, but it is difficult to say if they "liberated" them. The Western drive for "enlightenment" of other people has directly or indirectly affected millions of non-Western women. Follow her on Twitter: mkpetkova. Although unlike Maryna I am not a "Viking descendant Slav" but rather what you can call a "Tatar descendant Slav" - shorter, darker and hairier - and happen to reside among the even "darker" Arabs, I think I can offer some insight into the debate.

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Chaya. Age: 29.
naked eastern european women

What would be abnormal is to have the opposite case where others are trying to liberate our women.

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Estella. Age: 26.
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FEMEN, Eastern European women and the Muslim sisters

Ukraine in my mind is a great historic example of imperialist victimisation, but that I guess is beside the point. If you show no respect to the beliefs and cultural heritage of these women and their ideas of womanhood, why should they show any respect to yours? FEMEN, for example, calls on Maghrebi women to unite with them against the "common enemy - Sharia" or else "if we do not, in the name of Allah, tomorrow they will start to hammer you with stones".

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