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The sibling tickling relationship can occasionally develop into an anti-social situation, or tickle torture , where one sibling will tickle the other without mercy. An article in the British Medical Journal describes a European method of tickle torture in which a goat was compelled to lick the victim's feet after they had been dipped in salt water. The psychology of tickling, laughing and the comic. Although consensual tickling can be a positive, playful experience, non-consensual tickling can be frightening, uncomfortable, and painful for the recipient. When circulation is severed in a limb , the response to touch and tickle are lost prior to the loss of pain sensation. This may explain why it has evolved in many animals.

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Knismesis, also known as a "moving itch", is a mildly annoying sensation caused by a light movement on the skin, such as from a crawling insect.

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Japan: Kodansha International, This suggested that when a person tries to tickle himself or herself, the cerebellum sends to the somatosensory cortex precise information on the position of the tickling target and therefore what sensation to expect. For other uses, see Tickle disambiguation. As with parents and siblings, tickling serves as a bonding mechanism between friends, and is classified by psychologists as part of the fifth and highest grade of social play which involves special intimacy or " cognitive interaction ".

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