Dudley cartoon dog

dudley cartoon dog
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Dudley's father is also absent and completely unmentioned, leaving fans to wonder where he is although it most likely will never be explained. Dudley's relationship with Kitty starts out as a love-hate relationship, since they used to fight a lot like bickering siblings, then later in the show, they start to get along more and became heartfelt best friends. Therefore, Peg raised Dudley alone. This may mean that he will be smarter in the future, but it is most likely that this was only used for a gag. Bad guys need to beware, but so do the good guys, because with Dudley around, you never know just whose wicker furniture he'll chew on or whose garden he'll mess up. Looks like Dudley's heroism is going to need a lot of work.

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dudley cartoon dog

Snaptrap is actually the most dangerous enemy for T.

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Dudley Puppy

Dudley clearly isn't a thoroughly trained dog, and still retains many regular dog-traits like chewing his butt and chasing tennis balls. Being very skinny with no build, wearing very large braces and glasses, and covered in pimples. Digging, protecting Petropolis, bones, Kitty Katswell, food, being an agent. Even though he has said to be a mix of every breed of dog known to man or animal , Dudley has the appearance of a beagle resembling dogs like Snoopy from the Charlie Brown franchise having black ears and nose while the rest of his fur is white , but with blue eyes.

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