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You can do whatever u want with your blog! After not being able to see your boyfriend for a while, you decided to invite him over so that you could cook him a meal. Spending the last few hours watching how well your boyfriend could dance, especially the way his lower body moved, how you could not be affected? Kim Taehyung Taehyung loved having you on his lap, as soon as you climbed on him he began to smother your face in small pecks until his lips found your own. Your hips came to a halt, realising what you were doing you became rather flustered yourself. He kept his eyes fluttered shut, making out that he was still napping as you leaned down, your lips connecting to his neck, placing gently opened mouthed kisses.

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Elisabeth. Age: 22.
grinding tumblr

Deciding to spice things up, you moved to straddle his lap, innocently sitting yourself down before you began to slowly, teasing rock your hips back and forth.

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Estella. Age: 25.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

His lips moved down from your lips, making their way down to your neck. I mean, this is not a job and you don't have to write if you don't want to either You began to feel rather bored, Namjoon was working late, again.

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