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Laverne and Shirley relax on the sofa in the hit show set in Milwaukee. This flat has certainly seen plenty of action. The layout of this suburban home represents the set of the show Leave It To Beaver, starring Ward Cleaver and his wife June in the s. A second sketch of Ricky Riccardo's home where the apartment on East 68th Street in New York Meanwhile Spanish artist, Inaki Aliste Lizarralde injects additional life into his fictional TV apartments with bright colours and decorative furniture. Tennessee-born artist Mark Bennett describes his works as 'pleasingly nostalgic and vaguely disconcerting' in their premonition of a society obsessed by television and celebrity.

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Actress Isabel Sanford, bottom second left is seen here with her cast-mates from the television sitcom The Jeffersons.

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Laverne and Shirley worked at fictitious Milwaukee brewery called 'Shotz Brewery' but returned home to an apartment very similar to this one. For fans of the TV series, it will bring back memories of her tribulations. A sketch of the famous apartment in sitcom Friends, that saw emotional highs and lows throughout the years. This small home in Chicago, Illinois, is the setting for the dysfunctional family in the sitcom that aired for 11 seasons, Married With Children.

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