Crossdress cartoon

crossdress cartoon
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Like for real though, he looks pretty adorable. James even once wore fake inflatable breasts, that were superior in size than Jessie's! Enough blabbering, let's get into the list! Like most characters on this list, this was a one time cross-dress and not a hobby but Mulan was in uniform for a pretty good amount of time before getting discovered. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

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For example, a boy wearing a dress.

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Animated Cross-dressers

Due to this, the first time Haruka and Usagi met as well as on other occasions, she couldn't tell whether Haruka was female or not. She tied her hair up like most men in the army did, she stole her father's armor, had a change of posture, made up a fake boy's name for herself, and even tried changing her voice in order to sound "manly. In the episode "Sadie's Song," he wore a top and skirt with heels, makeup, and eye lash extensions clearly not phased by what anyone thought. Mulan impersonated a soldier because unlike her father, she was aware that he was getting too old to join back in the army and fight in another war.

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