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When given commands through a computer, Transformium can be changed into various shapes or objects. Bay received minor injuries, but played the incident off on his blog. As Tessa tells the group about the Seed she saw, Optimus and Hound explain that the Creators used Seeds to convert organic material into metal, then harvested the resulting Transformium for their own purposes. The government of the United States has terminated all human-Autobot joint programs and instated Cemetery Wind , an elite CIA unit intended to flush out the handful of Decepticons left on Earth. As Hound and Bumblebee hold the line and protect the humans, Optimus tries to convince the Legendary Warriors to fight alongside them. Age of Extinction is the first movie to feature an official partnership with a manufacturer for Optimus Prime 's alternate mode.

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Savoy finds the Yeagers and Joyce on the rooftop and open fires on them but Cade leads him away from the others.

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Optimus claims that he sensed Megatron's presence during his fight with Galvatron. Following the Battle of Chicago , humanity has come to fear both Autobots and Decepticons alike. Crosshairs uses a gunship to pick up Bumblebee and the humans, then leads them on a dogfight through Chicago's streets, destroying some of Lockdown's mercenaries.

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