Wrestler fan tumblr

wrestler fan tumblr
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Dreamer would eventually begin dating Beulah, both on and off camera, much to the dismay of Raven. While Homicide wastes no time in attacking Amazing Red, he learns quickly that Kiyoshi is too and optimist, but Red has both opponents scouted and keeps the pace quick as he takes control. A handsome, young, fresh talent in great shape and with phenomenal ability, Jeter was a huge hit with wrestling fans straight outta the gate from his debut, through his eventual rise in the WWE as a member of The Spirit Squad. Having wrestled in three of the top promotions in pro wrestling, Sabu knows his way around this type of environment, but Goldust, a former WWF Hardcore Champion, is familiar himself, and takes Sabu to the limit both in and out of the ring! Fan enters ring, throws punch, gets beat up [August ] I have no idea who any wrestlers are or where this video was, but the fact remains, if you see fit to step into a ring and to throw a punch while surrounded by wrestlers… you deserve this.

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Parker. Age: 27.
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To my knowledge, this is the first time this match has been available online, uploaded by Jeter himself.

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Gloria. Age: 29.
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This match is shortly following both wrestlers being released from the WWE when both were in phenomenal shape and wanted to work at their absolute best. Homicide TNA Xplosion [February 16th, ] This match features a true clash of attitudes and demeanor but an incredible likeness in talent and ability. One of the coolest things about game magazines in the late 90s and early s was that video games were hyped up beyond the actual games. Shibata kicks this match off literally by tearing down Shiozaki with some lightning fast and strong kicks, bringing in Misawa who almost dares him to try the same offense.

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