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This will ensure that you're metabolism is working around the clock to burn calories. If you want to be him you need to follow what I have given you, and you will see results if you work hard! These two activities should be done at least 5 days a week. Working out is very important when trying to burn calories and tone your entire body. It is important to add in cardiovascular activities as you work out, as this will help to burn calories optimally. That guy is the guy with hot six pack abs.

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It's water, water is the greatest thing to drink when you are working out, and while you're trying to be that hot guy with a nice six pack.

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Top 10 Disney Boys With Sixpack. Being one of those hot guys with six pack abs seems harder then it really is. Working Out - To have a nice six pack, you have to work hard and what better to start with then working out. Now to balance up the 6 meals you will be eating, you will need to eat smaller meals to keep everything balanced.

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