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While the idea of adults going to such extremes to curb the masturbation habits of mere children might sound like a ridiculous product of recent paranoia and sex-negativity, this practice has in fact been in place for far longer than you might imagine. I for one find myself taking my right hand to bed at least twice or three times a week - possibly more if I'm going through a dry spell and don't have anyone to get freaky with on a regular basis. Regular self-pleasure sessions are now believed to be an important part of a happy, healthy lifestyle. Or maybe you enjoy the occasional bowl of Kellogg's Corn Flakes in the morning before heading off to work? What resulted was no fewer than 28 pages of discussion about everything from beating and removing the child's bedroom door to cock cages and even the point at which even this intrepid writer stopped reading removing the child's penis entirely through castration. Perhaps you've heard of the Graham cracker? It used to be that you would only hear about cock cages, chastity belts and other similar toys in the kink community.

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Heaven. Age: 20.
teen chastity cage

What really struck me about the whole thing is how detailed and knowledgeable these supposed "anti-masturbation activists" are about the topic of cock cages.

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Norah. Age: 25.
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From Caging to Castration, these parents are serious!

One thread, located in the forum's "Christian Parenting" section, began with a seemingly simple question - a parent asking how to punish his son who had been discovered masturbating with a stolen pornographic magazine. He believed it caused everything from cancer to epilepsy, and from mental instability to blindness. They believe ancient, long-discredited rhetoric saying that self-pleasure causes kids to be distracted and fidgety, is addictive and will spark a lifelong obsession to the detriment of their grades and extracurricular activities, or even makes hair grow on the palms of their hands.

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