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tumblr dads
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Rad Brown Dads fostering self-love and retrospection via the struggles, beauty and power of parents of color. My favorite thing about this photo is 1. But I think the reason I grieve my mamoo is important. Back to the original thrust of this: Lutfi Mamu was not the first person to die recently. EDIT: i keep editing this to add clarification, but i think at this point i need a new comment. And I worry that time here will erode some of the good that I learned from Pakistani culture.

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Miya. Age: 32.
tumblr dads

How much we are there for each other.

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Audrey. Age: 20.
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28 Tumblr Posts About Dads That Will Make You Laugh

My grandparents worried that time in Pakistan would erode the culture from Panipat. It requires calls from Zanzibar and force feeding nihari that makes you shit out your face and your ass because it comes with a moment of bliss. This blog has long since been dormant, but shoutouts to hasanminhaj for shouting out the blog. I also want my family, who for better or worse all share Facebook as a common platform, to understand what he meant to me.

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