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But it appears the reboot may be falling short of its aim. The horse is turned into a unicorn with a "magic science zap," and he thanks Bubbles for helping him. At worst, fans were deeply offended and reminded of uncomfortable personal memories. Tumblr is arguably the online community best known for its fandoms, particularly those of cartoons, graphic novels, anime, and manga. Until that reboot actually appeared. For shows like The Powerpuff Girls , the original series of which debuted in , Tumblr is where the fandom has lived long-term. Bubbles responds, "I am so glad you're happy.

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Rosie. Age: 21.
tumblr powerpuff girls

She said her response was shared by trans friends who watched the episode.

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Elliott. Age: 22.
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The Tumblr Fandom Is Outraged at the 'Powerpuff Girls' Reboot

The upside is that Tumblr is also a creative place, where The Powerpuff Girls already has, and will be, reimagined many times over by fans. She said her response was shared by trans friends who watched the episode. Powerpuff Girl Bubbles, taken with the idea of having a unicorn friend, pressures Donny into an experimental transformation. It seems doubtful the Powerpuff Girls writers are actually Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists, and more likely that this episode, as others in the series would indicate, began with good intentions and got lost along the way.

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