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After Kisuke gives her an armband that allows her to consciously assume her adult form, Nel later appears alongside Grimmjow to help Ichigo's team in the fight against Yhwach. Before the aging can spread, however, Hachigen uses his kido to teleport it and the Respira affecting it inside Barragan's stomach. Much later, a hallucination of Szayelaporro appears before Mayuri to taunt the Soul Reaper during his battle with Pernida Parkngjas as he watches Nemu being killed by the Quincy. But Nel develops an attachment to Ichigo and starts following him around after her introduction. Once doing so, Szayelaporro can nullify the effects of their abilities, making him virtually immune to their attacks.

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Ellis. Age: 22.
bleach espadas 1

Her sword transforms into a double-ended white lance , giving her the appearance of a medieval knight or a jouster.

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Tatiana. Age: 28.
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Las Espadas Bleach

His current fate is unknown but he is most likely dead. However, when he almost attempts to trick her into killing her friends, Rukia senses something is amiss and engages him. The aspect of death he represents is despair ; this is shown through his opponents losing hope because of being unable to make injuries on his body.

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