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The Pashtun tribesmen had no military training, but the ferociously warlike Pashtuns were forever fighting each other, when not being called up for service for the tribal levy by the Emir, meaning most Pashtun men had at least some experience of warfare. By Tashkent had been formally annexed, as was Samarkand three years later. Outline Index Bibliography. Petersburg, Lord Clanricarde , that Britain and Russia sign a treaty delimiting spheres of influence in Asia to end the "Great Game" once and for all. Meanwhile, General Pollock , who had taken command of a demoralized force in Peshawar used it to clear the Khyber Pass to arrive at Jalalabad, where General Sale had already lifted the siege.

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In addition, the stores and supplies were in a separate fort, yards from the main cantonment.

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Main article: Battle of Ghazni. In the following weeks the British commanders tried to negotiate with Akbar Khan. Alexander Burnes, the Scotsman who served as the East India Company's chief political officer in Afghanistan wrote home after having dinner with Count Witkiewicz and Dost Mohammad in late December "We are in a mess home. Dost Mohamed returned from exile in India to resume his rule.

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