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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Additionally, the insertion of the phrase "identity switch" is not a complete sentence. In my experience, it is subjective to argue for a particular screen shot to be included in the Plot section. Mullholland Drive starts after Diane has shot herself, death is not instant, and in those brief moments she falls into a dream state where her fantasies are collected into one. I think that it is discouraged to have just one subsection in a section referring to the Casting subsection under the Production history section , so I'd like to suggest possibly having the first two paragraphs be under "Development" and the passages related to filming under "Filming". For one thing you might expand the discussion of the "classic theme in literature and film depicting lesbian relationships" - either via example of a more detailed elaboration - as I think a lot of casual readers will not pick up on what you are saying there. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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The "answer" provided in this section was "Mulholland Drive". I understand the constraints placed for an encyclopedic article, but as an avid user of Wikipedia I would like to find here all relevant information and interpretations that can help me understand the movie. What is the basis for calling Dan and Herb the two characters at Winkies brothers?

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