Who plays skyler on mighty med

who plays skyler on mighty med
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Revengeance is a supervillain. He appears in most of the episodes, despite only having a guest star role. Revengeance plans on regaining his physical form and conquering the world. Bob Elisha Yaffe is Dreadlock's henchman. Gray Granite is a parody of Metamorpho while his rocky features are similar to Thing and Rockslide.

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Sariah. Age: 22.
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As all the superheroes were caught up in Kaz's fantasy hero league, they were all out trying to stop the same disaster.

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Arya. Age: 25.
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He is very quirky, sometimes unlikable, and lacks normal social skills. Due to him being played by the same actor as his cousin, they cannot appear on screen at the same time. In "Night of the Living Nightmare", Alley Cat lost one of her nine lives in a nightmare and lost another one when a light fell from the ceiling. However, Skylar had secretly injected the Annihilator's secret formula into them meaning that she turned evil and became another of the Annihilator's servants.

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